The International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau is a flag register that is dedicated to quality, safety and continuous progress.


As part of its operating activities, G-B INTERNATIONAL implements due diligence and monitoring for its registered vessels using the following methods:

Fleet vetting policy and ship’s history check (pre-post check & monitoring
Sanctions screening process
Oversight of the performance of delegated ROs and Class societies
Regular review of the Registry’s performance in key Port State Control MOU regions
Interpretation of IMO Requirements and related resolutions
Publication of Marine Circulars, Advisories and guidance notices

Manning requirements

Vessels registered under the International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau must be appropriately manned in compliance with applicable international and national provisions.

Seafarers employed on board ships flying the Guinea-Bissau flag must be adequately trained and certified for their functions and assigned shipboard duties, in accordance with the applicable international requirements derived under the STCW Convention, as amended. 

MSM Allocation

During the ship entry registration process, G-B INTERNATIONAL will review and allocate the appropriate manning composition (ship specific for officers and crew) according to her particulars and intended trading pattern taking also into consideration the requirements of STCW as amended, ILO and IMO principles  on the safe manning of ships ( Assembly Resolution A. 1047 (27) ).

Once manning requirements have been allocated a relevant Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSM) will be issued.


G-B INTERNATIONAL has delegated authority to reputed classification societies and Recognised Organisations (ROs) for the performance of statutory surveys and certification for ships registered under the International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau.

The criteria for authorisation of ROs and for their monitoring and oversight are in accordance with the IMO RO Code requirements and the pertinent provisions of the IMO III Code.