The International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau ( G-B INTERNATIONAL) does not impose restriction on the nationality of officers and crew serving on board Guinea-Bissau registered vessels.

STCW Endorsements

All Officers on board a vessel flying the Flag of Guinea-Bissau must be provided with the appropriate Certificate of Endorsement (CoE) under the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW), issued by G-B INTERNATIONAL.

IMO White List

Crew certification from IMO “White Listed” countries are recognised by G-B INTERNATIONAL under the applicable STCW Convention requirements.

Issue of STCW Endorsement (CoE)

The following documents must be available to the office of the Officer in charge of seafarers’ certification, for the issuance of an STCW Endorsement (CoE) to an Officer onboard a vessel flying the Flag of Guinea-Bissau:

Until the verification of the Authenticity of the CoC and GoC by the Issuing Authorities to be received, Certificates of Receipt of Application (COR) can be issued with a validity which does not exceed three (3) months.

The COR can be extended further than three (3) months only at the approval of the General Ships Registrar.

Copy of the Application for Endorsement
Certificate of Competency (CoC), from a whitelisted country
GMDSS-GoC for the Officers on Deck
Valid Medical certificate
Valid Passport copy & photo
Seaman’s Book
CoC and GoC Authenticity verification


Seafarers employed on board vessels registered with the International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau, are eligible to apply for the issue of Seaman Book.