G-B INTERNATIONAL welcomes for registration any type of vessel meeting international standards of safety, security and environmental protection.

There is no restriction on the nationality of ownership when applying for registration.

Ships in operation ( existing vessels) or vessels under construction stage may also apply for transfer of registration under the Guinea-Bissau flag.

G-B International offer various types of ship registration for vessels engaged in foreign trade, including:

Yacht registration

Private and/or engaged in charter

Limited duration

Not valid for navigation         Lay-up registration

Allocating Registration numbers

For confirmed registration inquiries, pre-allocation of the identification numbers of the ship entering the International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau,  can be processed. Such pre-allocation includes the ship’s official number, call sign and the MMSI number, to assist with ship equipment programming.

The home port ( port of registry) for vessels registered under the International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau is : BISSAU

Time to Registration

Provided the required documentation for ship registration  has been submitted in full, the registration process is completed within 24hrs,  leading to the issuance of the below provisional certificates (6 months validity pending submission of documents for permanent registration):

Ship Registration Certificate
Ship's Radio Licence
Minimum Safe Manning
Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)
Tonnage Certificate (ITC 69) in case not issued by the RO

Contact G-B International

We will be happy to address your inquiries promptly  and provide guidance throughout the registration process.

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