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G-B INTERNATIONAL (with official full title name “International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau”) is a private corporation, registered under the Greek laws, duly appointed and exclusively delegated by the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Ministry of Transports and Communications, to manage, operate and administer the International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau, for the registration of vessels engaged in international trade.

The International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau ( G-B INTERNATIONAL) recognises commercially operated ships of international trade, regardless of size or type, as eligible to fly the flag of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, in compliance with the Register’s applicable requirements.

There is no restriction on the nationality of ownership when applying for registration.

G-B INTERNATIONAL offer various types of ship registration for vessels engaged in foreign trade, including:
• Initial ship registration
• Normal ship registration ( provisional & permanent)
• Special – single voyage registration
• Bareboat In – Bareboat out
• Yacht registration ( private and/or engaged in charter)
• Limited duration ship registration ( i.e. not valid for navigation)
• Lay-up registration

For ships registered under G-B INTERNATIONAL, the Home Port ( or port of registry) is BISSAU

Provided that all required information and ship’s documentation have been submitted, the provisional registration certificates can be issued within 24hrs. The provisional certificates have an initial validity of six (6) months during which period the Full Term certificates should be processed and delivered.

All officers and crew employed on board ships registered with the International Ships Register of Guinea-Bissau should be properly trained and certified under the applicable provisions of the STCW Convention as amended.

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During the ship entry registration process, G-B INTERNATIONAL will review and allocate the appropriate manning composition (ship specific for officers and crew) according to her particulars and intended trading pattern taking also into consideration the requirements of STCW as amended, ILO and IMO principles on the safe manning of ships ( Assembly Resolution A. 1047 (27) ).

G-B INTERNATIONAL has developed an appropriate DMLC-Part I format in accordance with the MLC 2006 provisions.

Ships registered with G-B INTERNATIONAL and undergoing MLC 2006 certification, should apply and request the Registry for the DMLC-Part I.

G-B INTERNATIONAL has delegated authority to reputed classification societies and Recognised Organisations (ROs) for the performance of statutory surveys and certification for ships registered under the International Ships Registry of Guinea-Bissau.

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